[音频资讯] Native Instruments Kontakt 的免费音色库

Native Instruments Kontakt 的免费音色库

Native Instruments联系方式带有一个庞大的采样库,其中包含 1,000 多种乐器,涵盖各种风格。

如果这对您来说还不够,还可以在 Internet 上下载许多免费的 Kontakt 乐器。在下面的列表中,我收集了其中的一些。如果有任何遗漏,请告诉我,我会将其添加到收藏中。

Alex Juno (KVR)Korg DW8000 collection.
Alpine ProjectBrass and Woodwind instruments.
Artvera MusicExposure.
Atom HubPercussive and tonal instruments.
Audio EmperiaDeconstruct and Epic Trailer Sounds.
Audio OllieMute ultra low tuned palm mutes.
AudioWarriorFree Djembe.
AutodafeG&S Custom Work Drum kit, Acoustic Bass, Mega Drum Machines Collection, Pianowa, and more.
Bengt NilssonIntimate Piano and Headroom Piano (links to V.I. Control forum).
Bigcat InstrumentsPiano, percussion, guitar, organ, and much more.
BlakuspocketBlakus solo cello.
BOLDER SoundsDIY Music Box, Medieval Psaltery, Suspended Slate Rocks Demo, Tibetan Granular Textures, Tibetan Singing Bowls Demo, Toy Piano, Wind Chimes Demo.
Channel RobotGrid Machine Free Chain Drums, Matrix & Matrix Drums, FreeForm version 1.2 update and FreeForm 1.1 (requires account, which is also free).
Cinematique InstrumentsKLANG series, Landscape, Sagezahn-Saw, Cement, Chimes and more.
CinesamplesnewMister Rogers’ Celeste, ToyXylo, Accent Pianos, Twisted Psaltry, Tongue Drum, and Kalimba.
Christian Schwenk‘Studio 49 Royal Percussion’ xylophone (direct download).
Christoph HartVolker, the funky melodica.
Cosmosis (KVR)Groovy Tunes Keyboard.
Crypto CipherTabla Mouth Percussion, Double Sided Hand Drum & Granular Pad, and more.
David DasValentine’s Day Freebie.
Ecliptic AudioGalactiq textures & deep atmospheres, Tribalistiq percussion, Statiq noise loops and Magiq 303 instrument.
Eamon CoughlanWinds of the World (Garklein, Khlui, Khloy, Politiki Flogera, Shakuhachi, Pennywhistle, Ocarina, Bird Whistle, and more).
EmbertoneAncient Voices, Intimate Strings LITE, Atmoraffe, Ivory Wind and more.
Fabel2112Fairlight CMI IIx (502 patches).
Fairly Confusing WaveformsBeat Assembler 48, Rekombinator, The Device, Arctic Rooster and more.
Fluffy AudioAURORROR, Simple Flute, My Log Drum percussion instrument.
ForceSamplingAfterlife Free (1 GB, 100 nki’s).
Fracture SoundsSmall, playable shop bell for Kontakt 5.
FrozenPlainVictorian Music Box.
GBR LoopsIndian Real Electric Bass.
Goldbaby ProductionsPPG Wave 2.2, Hapi vs Xylophone & The Fat H3500.
Handheld SoundMini Naal, Table Drum, PianoBoom, Tin Can & more…
Have InstrumentsRistretto Editions of Cello Textures Acoustic, Electronic and Dystopian.
HephaestusOboe, Steinway Grand Piano, Bouzouki, Hang Drum, Clarinet & more…
Hideaway StudioVintage synth and sampler + discrete tube synth instruments.
Hollow SunLimited-time Freepacks so check regularly.
Homegrown SoundsKosmology/Multiverse – FreeFall
free version of Kosmology with 120 instruments.
HumanworkshopAnaSynth, ArabFlutist & PadMeister.
Hugo KantMulti-sampled Balafon, Toy Piano, Nanga, Rhodes, and more.
IamlampreyEndure groundshaking synth bass.
Icebreaker AudioHum Organ, CZ Noize, Key-Clicks.
IgorskiToy Piano.
Impact SoundworksThe 88E, Heritage Percussion, Super Audio Boy, Shreddage 3 Stratus and Percision FREE, and more.
Ivy AudioPiano in 162, Clare Solo, Carpenter Trombone, Scott Drums.
Jakob ReinhardtCrispy Clean Strat, US Dream Guitar, Spanish Thrift Store Guitar, and Mountain Mandolin.
Jon MeyerGentle vibes, Steinway grand piano, Kawai BS-30 felt piano, Ludwig drum kits, and more.
Jonathan HoweJonathans Glockenspiel.
Karanyi SoundsWavesynth EP Glow wavetable instrument and Vapor Keys Sakura lo-fi pads.
KralcCling Film Frame Drums, Wooden Percussion, Soft Guitar Chords and Toaster Percussion.
KontaktbanksVarious demo banks.
Les Productions ZvonChromatic Hits (demo), Sidekick Electronic Drum/percussion Kits (demo).
Michael KingstonRuffrider & Easyrider drums.
Mihai SorohanVowel Ensemble Choir Pack.
Minimal TonalPiano and SUB instruments.
[url=]Mntra[/url]Rasa with Tibetan Horn, Morin khuur, Pitched Volcanic Rocks, and “Viper” Death Whistle.
ModularsamplesKorg Z1, Ensoniq ESQ1, DSI Tetra and more.
Muletone AudioStrashed, collection of high quality percussive sounds recorded from various methods of destroying a guitar.
Native InstrumentsKontakt Factory Selection.
Orange Tree SamplesJazzFunk Kit (direct download) / Slide Flute (direct download).
ourafilmesVarious (dnb type) instruments.
Past To Future SamplesVintage drum kits & vocal samples. Also, exclusive 60s Motown Drums Vol 5 at Rekkerd.
Performance SamplesRiver Harp, Solo Violin Legato, Legacy Selection and Active-Bow Tech Demo.
PettinhouseYamaha kit, Jazz Guitar, Vinyl Hammond, Garage Vinyl Full Kit, DirectGuitar 2.0 FREE, Brush kits, DirectBass FREE, Classic – Nylon Guitar….
PianobookA collection of community sourced sampled pianos.
PULSEHAToy upright piano and Syntaktion Basic monosynth.
PulseSetter SoundsMetalstorm library for trailer composers and Reverxis reverse guitar sound design instruments.
PrecisionsoundPeruvian Ocarina, Cretone TT, Koestler Rigoletto, Red Grand, ToysToysToys.
Premier Sound FactoryWurly Premier G electric piano.
ProjectSAMThe Free Orchestra monthly cinematic instruments.
Rast SoundSnow Bells, Vocal Morphs and taster packs.
Rattly And RawBear Problems, Lockdown Kitchen, Zombie Drum Bits, The Hipster’s Bongos, The Simpler Sampler.
Red Room AudioSnaps Claps Slaps Stomps & Shouts and Palette Primary Colors.
Replika SoundAcoustic Guitar (Nylon String) & Steel String demo versions.
ResomonicsChillerScapes spooky ambiences & drones for horror.
Retro SamplingElectric DigiChrome Piano.
Rhim SamplesStylophone Beatbox free, Dubsiren.
Rigid AudioDrum One, Metawave and Ambiloops Bundle.
Riot AudioBionic Plucks and Mallets – Lite Edition and Tremolo Clouds.
Riverwood AirRAW Power Metallic Percussion.
Rossignol StudioVersophone, Barbariz 3, Orgambou, Orguerver, Harmonéon, Francinium, Sifflo, and Philorgue.
Sample KatraHandclap Boss.
Sample LogicTaste the Fury Taiko drum ensemble instrument.
Sample ModernDetuned upright piano, future rise 25, keys for edm, minimal chords, and more.
SamplefinoAnalogue Kick Drum generator for Kontakt.
SampleHeroVintage Toy Tambourine.
SamplephonicsRonroco, Leeds Town Hall Organ.
SampleScienceDeep Jupiter, Cassette Roads, Room Piano v3, Vibraphone Renaissance, Abstract Crystal Pads. Some older libraries are available at the Internet Archive.
SennheiserDrumMic’a! drum instrument (direct download).
Soni MusicaeHarpsichords, pipe organ, accordion, and more….
Sonic CatCajon (free 4 velocity layer version) and Pop Piano Free.
SoniccoutureHammersmith Free Model D Grand Piano, Thunder Drum, Music Boxes, Tape Choir.
SonixinemaChristmas Bells, Contemporary Cello, Viola & Violin Freebies, Brute Flute Freebie, String Textures, Piano Textures, and Medicine Man.
Sonora CinematicAria Libera cinematic granular vocals and Magnetica Redux cinematic soundscapes.
SonuscoreFree HD Orchestra Chords & Sustained String Chords (newsletter signup), Enthic Flute Phrases, and Phrases Compilation.
SoundethersFreefall animated textures.
SoundFxWizardScrape Swhell horror swell geneartor.
SoundironDesk Bell, Snack The Cat.
StrayworxFujiya MC-3A and Ultranova SAW Bass.
Sound BlockerMikes iMoog (Moog Voyager).
Strezov SamplingCreative ToolboX: Drums and Percussion, Diamond Jazz Trio, The Felt Seiler Free Edition, and more.
Strix InstrumentsZVENIGOROD Toy Piano.
SUN.io / Sudden Sound StudioJackson guitar, field recordings, 9 World Instruments.
Synth MagicMiniMagic 002 & 003, Synare, Siel PX Electric Piano, Piano 73.
TaqsimMiddle Eastern instrument featuring accordion, rababa, shvi, tar, duduk, garmon, frula flute, kanun, ney, and more.
The Electronic GardenFree patches from the VCS3 & ARP collections and more.
The Sample CompanyRound Robin 808 R&D – Test Kit.
THEPHONOLOOPTexture Mozaik.01 Demo (fully functional).
TronsonicClassic synth & keyboard sounds with a mellotron vibe.
VST BuzzSoft Guitar Chords, Egyptian Darabuka, Wooden Percussion, Piano in 162, Shortnoise, Clare Solo, Jonathan’s Glockenspiel, and many more.
WavesfactoryWhispers, Freelodica, Old Tape Drums, DrumCircle, Power Guitars, 1850 Pipe Organ, W-MusicBox, W-Clock.
Walid FeghaliFeroyn’s Flute beautiful legato recorder.
WestwoodUpright Felt Piano.
Xtant AudioAfrican Slit Drum.
Yarra AudioP511 analog modular synthesizer instrument.
ZAK SoundMorning Coffee Piano.

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